Dr. Jonathan Psenka, NMD

Longevity Medical Health Center
13832 N. 32 nd Street #126
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Telephone: 602-493-2273

Dr. Jonathan Psenka is a licensed Naturopathic Physician practicing in Phoenix, Arizona.   His practice philosophy is based on a commitment to providing patients with the knowledge they need to be active participants in their own healthcare.  He uses a wide variety of holistic therapies and tailors each patient's treatment to his or her individual needs.  Dr. Psenka believes that in order to successfully fight disease it is necessary to address not only the symptoms, but also the potential causes and risk factors as well. 

Dr. Psenka's practice focuse s on helping people with diseases such as cancer, viral conditions, and environmental toxicities.  In addition to helping people overcome acute illnesses, he also is an advocate of preventative medicine . By identifying and addressing potential risk factors it is possible to reduce the chance of disease development or re-occurrence.

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Psenka also serves as adjunct faculty at several universities, including Southwest Col lege of Naturopathic Medicine and Ka plan University.  He teaches subjects such as anatomy and physiology, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, and clinical rotations for fourth- year medical students.

In the past, Dr. Psenka has served as a board member and as the vice p resident of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association.

Dr. Psenka is a frequent lecturer and writer, often present ing at medical conventions an d health expos.  His clinic hosts informational lectures on a variety of health topics on a monthly basis.  These lectures are for both medical professionals and the public. 
To see the lecture schedule or to read Dr. Psenka's newsletter, visit the clinic homepage at www.4wecare.com